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The Book

“Moving to a Finite Earth Economy – Crew Manual” is a book that outlines what humanity needs to do to successfully address the root cause of our climate emergency.

When it comes to climate change, the past doesn’t equal the future. What is happening now has never occurred during humanity’s time on Earth. Who better than a futurist to address this?


Futurist David Houle immersed himself in all facets of global warming and climate change over the past four years. He spent two years researching, writing and co-authoring “This Spaceship Earth”. What he learned in that process prompted Houle to cofound a global nonprofit: As a result, Houle was invited to speak at the EPA, at the NASA Goddard Space Flight Center, and at numerous other environmental gatherings and conferences around the globe.


In “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy”, Houle outlines the steps necessary to reinvent capitalism and address the root cause of our climate crisis.

Editorial Reviews

  • This is a must-read book about coming major disruptions in Capitalism that will rival the beginning of the Industrial Revolution in both impact and opportunity. Highly recommended FOR ALL AGES OF READERS. In my opinion, two of the biggest things humanity faces today are climate change and a need to reinvent Capitalism. This book provides a road-map for both that is urgently needed. A must read!


    Bill Johnston,

    Former President of the NYSE, retired investor, CONCERNED grandfather

  • No futurist has been as focused on the climate crisis for as long or loudly as David Houle. The future David envisioned decades ago is now a reality that most of the world understands. The clear and present global danger demands that we shift from advocacy to activism. As David writes, “We can’t flee… there’s nowhere to go. Our fight is here and now.” Moving to a Finite Earth Economy shares practical guidance for both individual and societal action. His innovative and brilliant solutions empower us to face down the existential threat of climate crisis through the prism of reinventing Capitalism. If you know someone, and we all do, who needs to move from advocacy to action on climate justice, share David’s book and advice.


    Jack Myers,

    Founder MyersBizNet/MediaVillage

  • “In Moving to a Finite Earth Economy – Crew Manual, Futurist David Houle takes a bold and courageous step to define the climate crisis not as one future trend of interest, but as the defining challenge of this moment in human history. We have 10 years to act, he argues. This trilogy offers a simple, clear, and prescriptive call to fight. It will challenge your complacency and any comfortable hope you may harbor that everything will work out fine through market forces or gradualism. Few thought leaders, and even fewer Futurists, are willing to lay it on the line like Houle does in this book. It may change everything.”


    Glen Hiemstra,

    futurist, author, speaker and founder of

  • “Houle has written a book that takes climate change literature to its next logical post-denial stage; that of prescribing what humanity needs to do to reduce fossil fuels by 2030. We must move to action and this book provides a road map for humanity. Highly recommended!”


    John Englander,

    Oceanographer, Author of “High Tide on Main Street”

  • “For those concerned about climate change and global warming, this book is a superb source of information and of something more – short, snappy sentences ready-made to be slogans, compelling slogans. It also shows you how global warming fits into the history of the planet, and how your everyday habits fit into the big picture.”


    Howard Bloom,

    philosopher, polymath and author.

  • “This is not a polemic from environmentalists asking you to please care about their pet issue. This is straight talk on what humanity needs to do to handle this existential challenge, undoubtedly the most important problem facing the world right now. Well-written, concise, backed up with sound research, Moving to a Finite Earth Economy tells it like it really is. It doesn’t shy away from stating the hard truths of a climate-changed world, while at the same time recognizing that such a world, and our adaptation to it, contains significant opportunity for positive and fulfilling changes in our society.”


    Dr. Sean Munger,

    author “The Warmest Tide”, historian, lawyer, public speaker

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  • Reader Reviews

  • Bottom line, straight talk on climate change.

    This is the kind of messaging we need on climate change: it’s here now, it’s getting a lot worse in a big hurry, and everything – literally everything – about our economy, our institutions and our world is going to change as a result of it. This is not a polemic from environmentalists asking you to please care about their pet issue. This is straight talk on what humanity needs to do to handle this existential challenge, undoubtedly the most important problem facing the world right now. Well-written, concise, backed up with sound sources and quotes, “Moving to a Finite Earth Economy” tells it like it really is. Highly recommended.


    – Sean Munger, PhD, Environmental Historian



    Action-Provoking Book

    This book is a fairly quick read but provides a lasting impact. It was a wake-up call for me. I have a great deal of work to do personally to move into the circular economy before I’m a full crew member in the finite economy. I look forward to the next two books.


    – Cindy Tavera

  • The elephant in the room (or in the air)

    Question: What would be the weight of 300 four-ton elephants times each second of the day times each day for an entire year?


    Answer: 37 gigatons.


    That’s how much CO2 we pumped into the air in 2018. This is why I love David’s writing . . . he and Bob Leonard make the numbers clearly articulate the unpaid costs we’ve run up in languishing in our Growth Economy, all to make clear the imperative that we must move to the Finite Earth Economy.


    – Kevin Conlon



    Important Call to Action

    It will only take you an hour to read Moving to a Finite Earth Economy – Crew Manual: The Three Economies. But try forgetting it afterward. In this compact manifesto, David Houle and Bob Leonard address climate change in clear, understandable terms. Their premise is that we have until 2030 to avoid catastrophic change or possible extinction of our species. They explore three types of economies: the Growth Economy, the present consumerist paradigm that has brought us to the edge of elimination; the Circular Economy, the recycle-reduce-reuse model that never gained the popularity it needed to make a crucial difference; and the Finite Earth Economy, the only viable option. Houle and Leonard will present the Finite Earth Economy in greater detail in Volumes 2 and 3, which are now being written. But for now, read and heed. Our survival could well hinge on it.


    – Burt J. Kempner

  • A Crucial Call to Action for the Crew of Spaceship Earth

    David Houle once again issues a much-needed, timely wake-up call. Perpetual economic growth just doesn’t work and is the main contributor to our current global climate crisis. The need to adopt the “crew consciousness” that Houle advocates couldn’t be clearer. This book – along with all of Houle’s earlier writing – represents an important step in making that happen.


    – Jeff Cobb



    We Are at the Tipping Point

    This book will shake your safe belief system to the core. Take a look at how we’ve been operating that just hasn’t worked, how we keep doing the same things and hoping for different outcomes….a sure sign of insanity. Get it, read it, then think about it every single day so you can start to make the paradigm shift in attitude and action that is needed to begin rescuing us from the edge of the cliff. If you have the courage.


    – Carole A. Martin

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